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5/20 Separate TFN for Bros and Sis
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Sisters at Wedgewood

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Experience close community as we share life together and form lifelong friendships!

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The Friday Night

Join us for our weekly Bible Studies as we enjoy good food, a thought-provoking talk, and some fun activities like sports or more good food!

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Life Groups

Meet students like yourself and get to know one another on a deeper level in a cozier setting.

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Past Events

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A2F UW Spring Break: CA Trip!

This past Spring Break, A2F UW spent the week in the land of the Golden Bears: California. Shortly after finals finished, we packed our bags,

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Jon’s Farewell

This Sunday was Jon’s last Sunday with us before moving back down to Berkeley with his fiance and so we hosted a farewell potluck for

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A2F Winter Retreat 2016

If you missed our very first Winter Retreat, I gotta say, you REALLY missed out – we had an awesome time. But don’t worry, I’ll

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A2F Winter Kick Off

Welcome back everyone to a new year and a new quarter! This past week, A2F hosted a Winter Kickoff in the Cascade room at Haggett