Jeremy Yau - Statistics

I grew up going to church but didn't think much about it — it was part of my weekly routine, where I sang songs and was lectured about things that are morally good to do. But I didn't really try to connect with anyone there.

Going into college, I was worried that I was going to be lonely and wouldn't be able to find any friends to hangout with, being so far away from home. I came to Acts2Fellowship expecting it to just be another place where I may potentially find friends. However, what I found was a community of people who are wholly dedicated to living out lives as described in the Bible, and they did it with such joy. I never expected that living out all these moral lessons I learned each Sunday would bring such joy. The staff were more than willing to help you live out that kind of life, learning to glorify God with joy. I found it refreshing to find a community where people truly cared about each other and lived a life filled with such joy.

Daniel Barnes