Irene Chen - Biology

I came into college with the preconception that I would find a great church, seek out the love of my life, and discover what seemed most important at the time, my dream job. I was ecstatic to be a freshman and to plug into a church just like mine at home... but 3 fellowships later, I started to lose faith and fell further away from God. In my time away from church I sought out my other goals of acquiring my future husband and a good major, but nothing seemed to satisfy my craving of a Christian fellowship. After a summer at my home church I was determined to try again and by the grace of God, Acts2Fellowship just fell into my lap. As I got more involved, I quickly saw the staff's hearts to serve and how deeply I wished to be the same. I started to see how much I was growing in my faith in just one year than I had in my whole life as a Christian. Now as a senior, I am nowhere near tackling all my freshman preconceptions, but I can safely say that I have accomplished one, what is now the most important one, and I am excited to see what else God has in store for me.

Daniel Barnes