Cindy Baik - Psychology

Before coming to college, I didn’t have any Christian background or knowledge about who Jesus was. I identified myself as an atheist, but I wondered about the existence of a higher being and if there is a God, what kind of implications that would have on my life. Through A2F, I took C101, which was a seven week course that allowed me to read, investigate and ask about the foundations of Christianity. I explored scientific evidence supporting the Bible and even tackled big questions of life like “what’s the meaning of life” and “what’s my purpose”. Not only did I get my questions answered, I also saw A2F as a community of people who lived out their faith not just on Sundays but every day. I noticed that people love and care for others by honestly sharing about their lives and regularly meeting with each other at their homes based on Acts 2 in the Bible. I realized my life could be different with this group of people, and as a new believer, I was assured that my Christian life wasn’t in solitude but in fellowship with this body of Christ.

Daniel Barnes