About Us


What is a2f?

Acts2Fellowship (a2f) is a University of Washington campus fellowship that meets weekly to explore the deeper questions of life and build life long friendships. College is the perfect time to ask questions like, "Does God exist?" and "What's my meaning in life?" At a2f, you'll find a welcoming place to ask those questions and seek answers. We also hang out, eat lots of good food, study hard together, go on fun trips, and just “do life” together.

The Mission

We have a lofty mission: we'd like to replicate the community as described in the Book of Acts 2:42-47. It's a type that's so rare in our society and culture today — a community based on commitment, generosity, depth of relationships, unity, and above all, being God-centered. Yet, we believe the college campus is the perfect place for that to happen — and that's what we're trying to bring here to the UW.


Who We Are

We all have such different stories and backgrounds. Some of us grew up in church and went to VBS every summer, some of us had never even heard of Jesus, and others wanted nothing to do with God and the Church. The crazy thing is that God personally intercepted each one of us, at such different places in our lives. Here's how Jesus Christ has transformed us.