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A2F Winter Welcome Night!

Our Winter Welcome night was held at Maple Great Room on the first Friday evening of the winter quarter

With new faces surfacing among the old students, our welcome nights are always the chance to bring in new peers to our A2F family. We started off with some ice-breaker activities in groups of ten, mixing upperclassmen and underclassmen together as we ate dinner (stir-fried broccoli and spring rolls!). It was a pleasant time of meeting new people, finding common interests, and learning about each others’ quirky habits.

The sophomores performed an entertaining, hilarious, but meaningful skit about a student trying to perfect his role as a diligent student, a dutiful son, a loving boyfriend, and an ambitious go-getter. We saw his downward progress as he struggled to stay afloat with the multiple dimensions in his life. But ultimately, he was spreading himself to thin and crumbling into pieces. This simple yet complex message highlighted the main theme for the night.

Tim, one of the staff, gave the message on Mark 8. "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? For what can a man give in return for his soul?" 

He shared pictures of famous celebrities and their quotes, of how they seem to have everything under control, living wealthy and comfortable lives. However, he asked, is happiness simply stored in the number of riches we own?

Moreover, Tim pointed out that as human beings, we want to do as much as possible, sometimes more than we can handle. However, just like the main actor in the sophomore skit, when we are juggling many things and are trying to find happiness in all of them, we tend to start feeling overwhelmed and unhappy. Rather, from the teachings in Mark 8, we should focus on and work towards the things that really matter in our lives. By re-orienting ourselves back on the right track, we can build closer connections with the people around us and God.

After Tim’s message, we dove into fun all-A2F games. Soon the room was filled with excitement and competition.

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