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Winter Welcome Night

By Jane Park c/o 2019

On Wednesday of January 11, we had our 2nd annual Winter Welcome Night!

For those of you that don't know, Winter Welcome Night is a time for us to welcome back the students from winter break and kick-start the quarter by inviting fellow students to come check out what A2F is all about.

We started off the night with some dinner and socializing.

Then the official program started with a skit titled, “My Name is…” starring our very own sophomores. The skit features a guy who struggles with coming to terms of what his identity is amidst all the "titles" he holds.

Hello. My name is...
... straight "A" student...
... the life of the party...
... her boyfriend.

Then Pastor Andy gave a thought-provoking talk that addressed the themes of the skit: about how people put on masks to hide the imperfections, the flaws, the things we don’t want the rest of the world to see.

Then the program ended with a special song from our band.

But the night didn’t end there…

Josh led us in many laughter-inducing games to finish off the night. The first game had 5 members from each team competing to blow a single tissue the furthest distance with no hands!

Josh is clearly impressed
Ooh looking hopeful...
Maybe not...

The second game was telephone charades. One person at the end of the line would act out a phrase and pass it down the line. Hopefully it didn't get too messed up by the time it reached the person guessing the phrase~

Bro... what?
"Bird flying into a window" somehow turned into "a really passionate belly-dancer"

And we finished off with the final game of the night! Each team sent up two members who were given a list of matching phrases. The players would have to read from the list and try to match phrases together... but the catch was that they had to wear headphones blasting loud music.

Alas, there can only be one winning team:

The appropriately named "Real Winners"

Hope everyone had a great time welcoming each other back and meeting some new faces.

And see you guys next time~

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