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Thanksgiving Celebration! (Another "First Ever")

Since pretty much everyone is gone for Thanksgiving weekend, spending time with family and stuffing themselves with turkey (or if not, food from whichever chinese restaurant is open since they’re ALWAYS open on the holidays), we held our annual Thanksgiving service the weekend before!

Staff and students came together to put together a lively and memorable night! There was a full-on Thanksgiving FEAST, with succulent turkeys and hams prepared by the staff, and lots of delicious sides made with the help of our very own students! For some people, it was their first time ever celebrating in the good-ol’ Amurrrican way.


Of course, TC wouldn’t be TC if it wasn’t for the dance performances! Always the main attraction for the night, we split up into two groups and each performed a series of dances and songs remembering some of the lessons we had learned from God’s word in the past quarter and expressing gratitude for all He had done through a2f.

We had two nights of practices beforehand…

Such intensity

…and then it was time for the big performance!

The Wednesday lifegroups sang and danced about the lessons we had learned through Genesis – God’s wonderful and amazing creation, the fall of man and our rejection of God, and His provision of Jesus Christ to be our Savior! They even featured an appearance from Pastor Andy and Amy! (SOMEHOW no photos of Amy dancing exist.

Oh yeah!
Put up top!

That was followed by a lively act from the Tu/Th lifegroups, who had not only dancing, but a short skit as well! Their songs spoke to the fading excitement of freshman year and the difficulty of being a Soph/Junior, but how at a2f they’ve found a family, brothers and sisters, and a spiritual home.

Somehow, Abe and Michelle evaded being involved….

‍Somehow Josh making that face and Colten wearing that shirt have to do with gratitude
"Yay Jesus!"
Ringo rocking that mic there

And of course, the CPI (Church Plant Intern)  bros had to get into the action, and they shamelessly danced out their thank yous to all the people who had made this transition and the start of the UW church possible!

We closed out the night by opening up the mic so people could do some shout-outs and personal messages of thanks. It was memorable to hear staff and students express their gratitude, and hearing people give their heartfelt thanks was really touching. It’s so amazing how much there is to be thankful for after only 3 short months of us being here. God is taking people who were formerly strangers and making us into a family, His family, His people. Praise God for all He’s done!

“O Lord, our Lord,    how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

– Psalm 8:1

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