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Thanksgiving Celebration 2018

It's Thanksgiving and what's Thanksgiving without fun, food, and dancing? Not an A2F Thanksgiving, that's for sure!

This year all three homegroups stepped up and raised the bar for all future classes. We had singing, dancing, skits, and even rapping!

What are you thankful for? For these folks, I think it's turkey.
There's no better way to bond with your peers than to enjoy a nice home-cooked meal together.

To start off the night we enjoyed a delicious feast -- turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cornbread, brownies, corn! If it's tasty, we ate it! Groups of students and staff worked hard all day to make our meal.

Tim, Lindy, and Irene rehearsing for their spectacular dance performance.

First up, the sophomores from homegroup 3! The sophomores channeled their unique sense of humor to show us how they've changed since freshman year with a skit! After making us laugh our heads off, HG3 wowed us with their incredible dancing skills.

Rain? In Seattle? That doesn't happen!
Wow, Stephen, AJ, and Josh have never looked so cool!

Next to go was homegroup 2! HG2 took us down a walk of memory lane by recapping the last year through a fun skit and dance, followed by an acrobatic performance that rivals the best Cirque de Soleil show. John Chen and Josh Ji did sweet flips and cool tricks (with the support of their friends) while singing about all the pressures the junior class is experiencing right now.

What a talented group! Not only does HG1 have many talented singers. . .
. . .but they also have talented rappers!
Look at what you can do with a little help from your friends! Both HG1 and HG2 showed us all the great things you can do with a strong support system.

Last, but not least, homegroup 1 took the stage. A clever song and dance showed us how much these seniors and freshmen were capable of.

Wow, what a full night, it's too bad it's over. . .

So much confetti!

Oh wait! The seniors put together a surprise final number to end the night. It was a sight to see: confetti, dancing, cartwheels, tricks, posters, and more! What a way to end the night!

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