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Thanksgiving Celebration 2017

This year's TC was REALLY memorable! So many highlights and we just had a lot of fun. It wasn't all easy though, we spent 2 weeks learning the dances, practicing the moves, and even recording our own songs.

Freshmen working hard!
Freshmen working hard!

The day finally arrives! P Steve starts us off with a message on gratitude, and we have a neat exercise on remembrance. Our thanksgiving trees have orange leaves to represent regrets and things from the past year that have fallen away. And there are green leaves to show all the blessings God has placed in our lives, which we are thankful for!

Dinner time! We had so much good food this year, I can't decide what was best - turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, yams...

Then we got to the performances. We kicked it off with a group of our own sisters who sang a beautiful song of thanks!

A special sister's number.
A special sisters number.

Followed by the freshmen class, who needed some old guys to show them what it means to be grateful.

By the end of their act, they were so grateful they started dancing

Then the SUPs performance, featuring Ryan as a turkey-chaser, Jon as a turkey, and Colten as Ryan's con-science.

Several students shared their experiences of how God worked in their lives this past year

We don't have photos of the SUPs acts, so I made gifs of my favorite parts:

The Turkey Tackle
The Shoe Kick

The last performance came from the 101st bros, who did a spirited dance and pretty much brought the whole house down.

We closed our celebration service by singing "God is so good" all together. Can't believe we're in our 3rd year here at UW! Truly, God is good and he has been so faithful in the lives of every single person in our community.

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