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Thanksgiving Celebration

By Jane Park, c/o 2019

Hello fellow students!

On Sunday, November 20th, we had our second annual Thanksgiving Celebration!!

For those of you who are unaware, our Thanksgiving Celebration is a time where we all come together to just give thanks. Whether it be to the circumstances or the people in our lives, we take this time to take a step back from all the busy hub-jub to truly appreciate what and who God has given to us and what He has done in our lives.

We started the night with a time of worship and a message from Pastor Andy at Vineyard.

The sermon ended with everyone writing one thing or person they were thankful for on some leaf cut outs. Once everyone had finished writing, we had them attach their leaf to a giant billboard of a bare tree. It was nice to see the tree get filled with all the things and people others said they were thankful for!

For what or for whom are you thankful for?

Once the sermon ended, the Thanksgiving feast began (finally)!

Mmmmm, I hope your mouth is watering ~

We ate everything you would find in a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. Fun fact: Some of the SUPS life groups helped make the food this year (so if anything wasn't to your liking, sorry, we'll try again next year! #masterchefsinthemaking). We had a lot of glorious desserts too, from traditional pumpkin pie to Kevin's iconic strawberry cheesecake!

Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes... You name it, we got it!

And probably the most anticipated part of the night: PERFORMANCES!

The SUPS remixed some songs to acknowledge all the changes we've experienced within the past year. Despite the challenges, we thank God for the opportunity to be able to minister to the incoming freshmen, and to take better ownership of our church!

What a STOMPING act of unity!
Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait
Woot woot! Beat that, freshies!

Next, the freshmen presented their own rendition of the Evil Bean Bag Message Series...

UW's very own Not-so-small Small Group

...while dancing along to their own remixes of some of today's popular hits!

Everybody put yo' hands up!
Enthusiasm is contagious
Look who decided to join in on the fun this year ~

And of course, for the grand finale, our staff brothers put on their own (rather comical) show of what being thankful means to them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope that everyone who went had a great time! Join us again for next year's celebration!

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