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TFN: True Stories and Photo-Scavenger Hunt

by Daniel Barnes, c/o 2019

Hey all! Last Friday we kicked off a new "The Friday Night" Bible Study Series called "True Stories". First, we played a new IceBreaker called "Giants, Wizards, Hobbits". To get a sense for this, think "Rock, Paper, Scissors", and then take that to the next level.

How did a screen from the last Harry Potter movie get in here?

Then, Pastor Steve led us in studying Mark 5:21-34, the story of the bleeding woman. He taught about how we all have stories to tell that explain the way that we are, and then examined how Jesus listened to the bleeding woman's story, to gain insight on how he approaches listening to our stories. Afterwards, Joy got to share a bit of her testimony, and explain how she had experienced God's love in her life.

Post-TFN, we began our Photo-scavenger hunt! We divided into teams and journeyed across the campus, taking crazy pictures in order to be the first to fulfill a set of photo and video prompts. Here are some highlights!

High Fives from Group 5!
Group 7 is not the group you want to meet in an elevator..
Why are they all smiling SOMEONE HELP CHRISTINE!!
Congratulations Team 1! Enjoy your practical prize!

If you want to see more of the pictures, and some of the amazing videos we shot, check out the A2F Seattle Instagram: @a2f.uw!

View more photos on Flickr

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