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TFN: True Stories and Humans vs. Zombies Tag

by Daniel Barnes, c/o 2019

Last Friday, we had another bible study in our "True Stories" series, where we feature a true story from the Bible and a true story from the testimony of one of the members of our fellowship. Jaime shared about how she was able to experience God's patience and provision for her. Pastor Steve then gave a message on John 2:1-11: the Wedding at Cana. He shared how Jesus' first miracle illustrated the oddity of what he promised to give--in a world where things progress towards disorder, Jesus brings new birth, and makes things new.


After that, we got to share in a song led by our very own student band!

student band

Post-TFN, we played an INTENSE game of Humans vs. Zombies tag. Here's us getting briefed on our mission, to find and bring back a cure for the recent zombie outbreak:

y'all think a Zombie Outbreak is FUNNY???

...and here are the winners, the saviors of humanity, who successfully brought the cure back to our own modified CDC center!

humans versus zombies
Can you guess who the "nuclear zombie" was?

Sadly, we didn't have any pictures of the actual game... it's hard to take pictures of people running in the dark! Guess that means if you want to experience this event, you'll just have to come out next year and see it for yourself!

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