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TFN and Photo-Scavenger Hunt

By Daniel Barnes, c/o 2019

Hey everyone! Here's what happened at TFN a few weeks ago:

We started off the night with a get-to-know-each-other icebreaker, followed by a "Jesus the Awesome" talk from Pastor Andy. The message was focused on discussing the titles of Jesus--if you'd like to follow along at home we covered passages from John 1, Revelations 5, and Exodus 12.

What do we have in common?
Sometimes, the funniest jokes come from your Pastor

After that, it was time for some Post-TFN fun, with a Photo-scavenger hunt! We all split into teams, and then ran around campus taking a bunch of wacky pictures and videos at campus landmarks. We had zombie horror films, wizard duels, shady business deals, dance routines... all kinds of stuff!

We gathered back together after a frantic 45 minutes, to share everything and appreciate our talents as world-class photographers, actors, and actresses. Once again, covers of Disney's "Let It Go" stole the night. I picked out some highlights from the night:

Zombies, RUN!!! Guys, this isn't funny!
Few know that Jared actually transferred to UW from Hogwarts
Are they pulling Sean in or pushing him away?
You or I wouldn't think to eat the flowers, but when you're as busy as a pastor, you eat when you get the chance
Paying in cash. Hefty sum of money. Cronies on both sides. Wait... is that chapstick?

These were just a few of the photos we took, but if you want to see the complete set, as well as the awesome videos our groups took, you should check us out on Instagram! Just search #thisisa2f to find everything from the night.

Bye everyone! See you at the next TFN!
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