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TFN: John/2 Timothy + Ice Skating

So this past weekend, we continued on in our bible studies through John and 2 Timothy. For those of you who are just dropping in, for the Spring Quarter a2f is doing something new - we've been splitting up every week into two groups and people can pick and choose between studying the stories and person of Jesus through John or hearing 2 Timothy, Apostle Paul's final letter and charge to his most beloved disciple.

We start off with a great dinner...
...and then dive right in! It's a cozy and engaging way to get into the word of God.

Afterwards, we went out for some ice skating, because...who doesn't like ice skating in April?? We had an entire rink to ourselves, for some people it was their first time ever.

Whoo! The whole rink to ourselves
A couple of people needed a hand
David knows EXACTLY what he's doing.
Pastor Andy's having so much fun that he's dancing! Don't you wish you could be here
PEACE. Join us next time!
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