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TFN: Jesus the Awesome and Minute to Win It

This week we started up a brand new message series: Jesus the awesome. It's awesome. Jesus has always been recognized as one of the most influential people in history, so we're taking a Biblical look at this figure at the center of Christianity.

It's been good to reconnect with some old faces, and make friends with new ones at well!

We closed out our night by getting into teams and competing with some Minute to Win It games! If you've never played them - they're a series of challenges that have to be completed in a minute. There was some intense competition and though the games look simple, they aren't as easy as you might think! Check out some of the challenges below:

FACE THE COOKIE: Slide oreos from your forehead to your mouth without touching it with your hands!
CANDY ELEVATOR: Bring 3 skittles to your mouth by pulling pencils with strings tied to them. Lucas is doing pretty well!
That's not Sean's normal headwear, he's defending Irene, who's doing STACK ATTACK (stacking 28 cups in a minute)! What's he defending her from??
Guys like Kaiser! Trying to destroy their hard work!
The losing team...bonus points for not being sore losers though!
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