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Summer TFN: Multiply Your Talents + The Letters

Just because it's summertime doesn't mean things slow down at all here at A2F! We've got a lot going on, and every Friday we've been meeting to do MYT and study the Bible.

What's MYT? Multiply Your Talents is a name we came up with for the set of classes that we're all taking this summer to build some skills. Taught by our own staff, we're taking classes like Cooking, Video, Photography, and Photoshop. We're already experiencing some of the fruits of their hard work: each week the Cooking class prepares dinner for our entire group, and the video team has produced some cool videos already.

Josh is thankful!
Photoshop class
Video class

On top of that, we have this exciting new Bible Study series we've called The Letters. Each week we spend a couple of hours studying one of Apostle Paul's letters in the New Testament. What's really neat is that one of our pastors from the Berkeley church has been producing doodles that go along with each book, outlining the main concepts and helping us to visually understand what's going on. These times have been really memorable as we also do a lot of different activities to help solidify key points into our minds. We've done verse memorization (complete with motions), word art, sketches, and so on. Overall, this has been helping us to get a lot more familiar with God's word.

Ephesians doodle
Memorizing verses - the Gospel is for dinosaurs too.

Afterwards, we're having all kinds of fun. Whether it's eating dessert, or hitting the bowling alley, we've always got something new going on. If you're interested, join us! We'd love to see you there.

That's not fear. That's excitement.
There is just too much good stuff going on here - we're awesome
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