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Special Talk: Science and Faith

This past Friday we had our much-anticipated special talk on Science and Faith! It was great to see not only our regular students, but a lot of friends and new faces who were interested in hearing how the two could possibly be reconciled.

So excited she's sad

We started off with a stimulating icebreaker, called "What are the Chances?", guessing the probabilities of various things happening. The chances of being killed by an escaped elephant are extremely unlikely, just 1 in 440,000,000,000! Can you believe that the chances that our earth exists with all of its constants are WAAAYYY smaller than that? Is it really just chance?

Ron, our speaker, is a professional BioChemist for pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. He addressed the differences and similarities between science and faith, and presented arguments based on scientific observation which point us in the direction of believing in a creator.

Afterwards, we had time to consider some of the arguments we had heard, and it was really encouraging to hear that the students really enjoyed the talk! If you missed it, don't worry, we'll have more in the future :)

We wrapped up the night by hitting MeeSum, a Boba shop on the Ave. Nothing beats good food and friends - join us next week!

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