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Special Talk: Do All Religions Lead to God?

Something neat that we did recently was to put on a talk titled: Do All Religions Lead to God? We wanted to provide an engaging topic so that we could do some outreach and invite friends and fellow students to check out our group and learn more about Christianity. It was exciting to see many new faces, as a lot of people who had never attended one of our events before came for the first time, many of them genuinely interested in the topic and hungry to learn!

Stephen started out the talk by explaining the pluralistic parable of the blind men and the elephant, often used to talk about how all religions are ultimately talking about the same things. He then guided us through the claims of some of the major religions in the world and compared them to Christianity, demonstrating that while different religions can have different claims, it isn't possible for all of them to be true. The night ended with an invitation to explore Christianity, a religion uniquely based on truth claims.

The talk got a lot of people thinking, and it was exciting to see the variety of responses that people gave. Some found it to be encouraging to their faith, and others walked away with even more questions - in any case, it was awesome that people were engaging with the Gospel and the claims of Christianity.

Afterwards, we ended the night with an exciting game of Human vs. Zombies tag. We spent the next few hours chasing each other on campus and desperately running to stay "alive". Congrats to the teams who actually survived! Watch out, there might still be a couple of straggler zombies on campus...

Wow happy zombies!
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