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Sophomore Retreat 2018

Arriving at the cabin! 

We all know it isn't myth--sophomore year is rough! The honeymoon phase of freshman year is over with~ So, to start off the year right--we had a Soph Retreat at Black Diamond Retreat to equip our students!

We started off with enjoyable get-to-know you games and FOOD~ Food is always better with friends! 

Campfire fun

The first night the sophomore years had a campfire bonding time, where they buried a time capsule along with a time of singing! 

Going over some bible text together

Back at the cabin the second day, there was a testimony sharing time about peer relationships especially within the church--a common hardship sophomores will encounter. A supplement to this discussion was watching the movie Apollo 13. They also shared together in small groups, followed by a brainstorm for their youth outreach project.

Headed out towards Mt. Rainier National Park!
They ended the retreat with a beautiful hike on Sunrise trail! 

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