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Snoqualmie Snow Trip

By Daniel Barnes, c/o 2019

Here in Seattle, our winters can get pretty cold-- but not cold enough for a ton of snow. So, we go on Snow Trips! This past Saturday, we loaded up the minivans, and rolled out to Snoqualmie Pass, to play some games and remember how thankful we should be for furnaces.

Check out that view! Those blue skies! Clouds out of a fairy tale!

Snow's pretty magical. It's a cushion, allowing you to play contact sports like football and British bulldog. It's a slide, if you have a bit of plastic. It's a weapon, if you chose to make it that way...

John: "Hold up, we're playing these guys?" Nathan: "Hold up, we're playing these guys?"
Abe dives for the pass!
John didn't know what to do during the snow trip. Texia just figured he needed a push in the right direction.
A snowball finds it's target. Sure, Irene is smiling, but don't be fooled: retaliation is coming.
It was a pretty awesome time.
See you all next year on Snow Tripz, A2F!

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