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Sister's Night! Brother's Night!

This past Friday we took a break from our usual John/2 Timothy Bible studies to have some great bonding amongst the brothers and the sisters. The sisters definitely needed a break from being around the wild brothers, and sometimes the bros just gotta be bros.

Here's what the sisters did!

That looks so good...where's the beef?
Pretty decorations and tablecloths make Wedge look so much better!
Fondue with Fun Dude-ettes
Serious business.

The sisters spent some time making prayer boards, and sharing prayer requests and verses with each other as well. Looks like it was a meaningful time for all of them.

The brothers had so much fun that we didn't even get to take pictures. But we had a great time doing Bible Study, and having competitions that involved massive quantities of root beer and ice cream, epic sword-fighting showdowns, and wrestling pigs. Maybe there'll be a video in the future...

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