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Seattle Exploration Day!

On Wednesday, August 19, our team was able to explore some of the famous tourist areas of the greater Seattle area such as Pike Place Market, Seattle Center, and the waterfront piers. We took off at noon to visit Pike Place Market, a public market overlooking Elliot Bay. We couldn’t help but stuff ourselves with food from various shops and restaurants along the marketplace such as Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and Piroshky Piroshky Bakery. Here are some of the pictures from the trip:

The iconic Pike Place sign
Lunch time with the crew
David thought Kevin needed a bit of help eating his food...
Gum wall glory!

After stuffing ourselves at Pike Place, our team visited the Seattle Center, located right next to the iconic Space Needle. We were able to visit the SpaceBase at the base of the Space Needle. Afterwards, some of the older uncles brought out their inner kid as they played on a huge playground along with the kids that were with us. Some of us wanted to relive the glory days as we played a competitive game of rock, paper, scissors. The losers were forced to run to and back from the water fountain. Here are some more pictures:

Before: Pastor Andy challenging us young guns
After: Pastor Andy getting rocked by his own game. Sweet justice!

Our day ended with a visit to the waterfront piers overlooking the bay. We felt the nostalgia of the picturesque scene overlooking the bay as we were reminded of the SF bay, where most of us called home for the past several years. But we’re thankful that we can call Seattle our new home as we gear up for the work to be done this upcoming Fall when we’ll meet new students. Hopefully we’ll be able to add to our obligatory team pictures as the Fall starts!

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