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Searching Seattle's Finest

On Saturday, August 15, a couple of us decided to explore Seattle over the weekend and the first place we visited was Pike Place Market. The marketplace was completely packed as we tried to visit the various shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, we had to miss out on some of the more popular restaurants such as Pike’s Clam Chowder. Our only consolation was taking a picture in front of the first ever Starbucks…

Another attraction we visited was the gum wall…and it’s exactly as it sounds. This picture sums up the range of responses you might imagine upon seeing the wall. Abe clearly disdains the mountains of saliva and the fact that this is legalized gum graffiti while Stephen, although slightly disgusted, seems to enjoy the wall of spit.

After the public market, we visited the International District! One of the places we visited was Uwajimaya, which was pretty intense. It reminded me of a crazier Mitsuwa, which is down in California. There were so many places to eat that we will surely be back in the near future! Gotta try some more egg tarts and bobas and noodles 😀

We ended up checking out two spots along the coast further south. The first stop was Alki Beach. There were some amazing volleyball nets along with fire pits on this beach that we will definitely be using in the future! This beach even has an amazing view of the city!

Next stop we entered into the realm of green forestry and crystal blue lakes at Lincoln Park. We traversed the beaten path and wandered under the skyline trees, the cool of the green shades, and discovered the beautiful shore looking over the waters of Seattle.

What better way to end an amazing trip than to have a photoshoot at a park we visited on the way to Lincoln Park. Besides the nine different places we visited to eat earlier in the day, we thought ending the day with some fun and fellowship in true a2f tradition made the trip worthwhile.

‍Setting a prime example for the future generation.
‍‍Candid…very candid.
‍The protege and his future…

Hope to see you guys on our next food/beach/park/food/market/food/photoshoot adventure!

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