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Post-TFN: Ramen King

After another week in our Jesus the Awesome series, we got into a serious battle to figure out who would be the next RAMEN KING! Our competition involved a series of mini-game challenges, testing will, endurance, and airplane-making skills.

Apple Stacking.
Jackson don't let go!

The winners of the competitions were able to have first dibs at different ingredients. Not all ingredients were equal - some groups got stuck with instant Pho instead of instant Ramen, and another group had to use fish sauce. Once we distributed all the ingredients, we got to work making up the best ramen.

Special techniques learned in the ramen shop - cooking broth separately from the noodles
Kimchee Ramen
Wow am I in a ramen shop?!
Pastor Andy and AJ are having a great time judging the ramen.
Eagerly awaiting the results!

Pastor Andy and AJ tasted and judged all the products of each teams' hard work. Honestly, I don't even know the results, I just know that our team had the award for BEST PRESENTATION. Oh yeah. We finished off the night with some awesome shaved snow desserts; everyone was happy after that!

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