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Post-TFN: Laser Bambu Tag Shaved Ice So Fun

This past Friday we had the idea to have the most awesome post-TFN activities ever packed with enough energy and sugar to wipe out a pack of crazy college freshmen. So, that's exactly what we did.

First, we celebrated this Ice-Cream Maker's birthday!

Anna and the ice-cream maker are best friends.

Just kidding, it was Anna's birthday. Her lifegroup knows how much she loves ice cream and so they were thoughtful enough to give it to her as a gift! (SPOILER: Doesn't stop any of them from enjoying dessert later)

Afterwards we hit the quad for some awesome Laser Tag!

Again, gremlins took our camera while our camera people were having too much fun shooting students with guns, so we have no record of what actually happened. All I know is, there was some crazy capture the glow-in-the-dark frisbee action happening, and of course, somehow Pastor Andy's team won. Or was that last time? I forget it happens to often.

Whoever wasn't about to pass out from exhaustion went out to Bambu in I-District to have some delicious shaved snow!

One happy table...
Two happy tabl- ...WAIT. Josh was eating in the last picture too...
Josh: That's how it's done!

Yea, you missed out. Don't worry pretty much every Friday is like this actually.

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