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Post-TFN: Family Feud

By Daniel Barnes, c/o 2019

For this week's TFN, we had a special talk with Hartie, who talked to us about the Christmas Story. During the talk, we had chances to remind ourselves and reflect on why Jesus's birth, eventual crucifixion, and resurrection are so important for our relationship with God.

Afterwards, for our Post-TFN activity we played the Feud--The Family Feud! If you haven't seen this played on TV, Family Feud is a game typically played between families, who compete to find the most popular answers to questions surveyed from the general public. For our game, questions included "What is the most popular job for a teenager?" and "What is something you might do to become a sumo wrestler?"

One team tries to find as many answers as possible (while everyone else tries to steal!)
It was at that moment, thinking of an answer for "What something most people forget to do after cooking?" that Ryan realized he left the oven on.

Afterwards, we took some pictures of our teams A2F Family Portrait-style:

The "Cheese!"
The "Dynasty"
The "Lineup"
The "Kawaii"
The "Incline"
The "Woah, don't mess with us"
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