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Post-Sunday Sports: KICKBALL?!

If you haven't been with us, after our Sunday services this summer we've been taking FULL advantage of Seattle sunshine by going out to Dahl playfield to play sports every week. We've been doing conventional sports for the most part: Softball, Volleyball, etc. But this past weekend we had an exciting spin and took it back to the playground days. That's right, 24 grown-ups played kickball.

I'll play kickball if I want

Thanks to our awesome photographers, I just want to feature some of the unique kicking styles that were on display on Sunday.

The airplane
That kick is awesomeee! Oh my!
Kevin actually whiffed this one completely.
Karate kid
"...that wasn't the way I wanted it to go"
Nathan gave up and just used his hands

As you can see, we had a lot of fun. We had a staff vs. students game, and although the students were right in it, the staff pulled away during the last inning. Pretty sure there are elementary school kids more coordinated than us...

Staff and student exchanging hi-fives...and totally missing each other.
Catch you next time!
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