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Olympic National Park: The Return

What's summer without a camping trip? We journeyed over to Olympic National Park and enjoyed a weekend of great weather and luxury camping!

After getting in late Friday night, we went right to sleep so that we could fully recharge for a full day the next day! Our first stop in the park was to Hurricane Ridge, a must-see spot where you get amazing views of the Olympics, Seattle's westward mountain range. We took a light hike, stopped for lunch, and even ran into some wildlife along the way.

Make sure to put on that sunblock...it's hot out here
Can't wait for lunch
Taking the really difficult steep trail when there's a leisurely flat trail right there.
Who need's background scenery when you can look at us!
Lunch and a view

Afterwards, we drove over to Lake Crescent. We resumed our usual peaceful kayaking activities, of course.

Wow such friendly peaceful people

NOT. Intense water-splashing and kayak-boarding ensued. Some boats came back, and they had gotten splashed so much that people were sitting in a couple inches of water!

They only LOOK friendly and peaceful.
Our raft makes its debut! It was so hard to steer, we got destroyed by everyone.

We got back to our campsite and enjoyed a feast of "hobo-packs" (a mix of sausages, onions, potatoes, and mushrooms), clam chowder, and s'mores. We finished off the night with a time of singing, and some spirited sharing as well!

The campsite proved to be a winner and we started joking about our "luxury camping experience"; the combination of the granite counters in the bathroom and the great sleep we all had made it very enjoyable. We got up refreshed the next day, explored a pier in Port Angeles, and then attended a Sunday Service at a nearby church.

American Tai-Chi, a sacred art that belongs to a secret group of practitioners San Diego. Josh spent time training in their hidden cave dojos while in college.

We finished off our trip by grabbing some delicious Mora's ice cream in Bainbridge, and then enjoyed a windy but beautiful ferry ride back! Man, can't believe we did all this in 2 days, it was a pretty packed weekend. If you're not funned out yet, come join us next time!

Sean's hair was experiencing new styles in the wind
Photobomb success.
Can't wait til we go back!
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