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New Student Welcome Night 2018!!!

September 26th was a momentous date! We had our fourth NEW STUDENT WELCOME NIGHT at UW! It was our first event to kickoff having all four classes in our RSO: seniors, juniors, sophomores, and FRESHMEN! Check out a recap of our packed night: 

We're always glad to meet new people! (: 
There's a lot of hard work that goes on offstage. Thank you to our tech team for making sure our events always goes on swimmingly! 
Senior Emily does a dress rehearsal for her role in the Spoken Word piece.

Spoken word was our first element of the New Student Welcome Night program! Spoken word can also be described as spoken poetry. Our four upperclassmen practiced hard and memorized day and night! The performed four different characters that many of could relate to. They included one motivated by academics, another by romance, another by a care-free lifestyle, and lastly one disillusioned by church.

We had an amazing band filled with our talented sophomores! They performed a beautiful thought-provoking song about life. 
Our last element of the program-rehearsal included mini-testimonials by two of our upperclassmen. They shared their stories to encourage the audience to check out A2F! 
Our energetic emcees pumped up the crowd for the program by running a fun icebreaker! 
After the program, we got to have conversations over our iconic FREE KOREAN BBQ DINNER! 
To end the night, our members reflected on how God worked through us to put our efforts together in making New Student Welcome Night happen! It was all worth it to give UW students a small taste of what Christianity is about! 
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