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New year means new Lifegroups! Lifegroups are small groups that meet midweek, where we have dinner, and then discuss the Bible study from the past week and try to apply it together. Afterwards we usually do something fun, or for the folks who are little more academically inclined, we have study halls as well! So far it's been great getting to know one another, learn a bit about each others' backgrounds and views on religion. We come from a variety of places, and each have different ideas about God and Life - not everyone is Christian. But it's a safe place to be open, ask questions, and make friends! Join us sometime, if you want to sign up it's not too late! Just head to our Lifegroups Signup page.

OIKOS: "Family" or "Home" in Greek. It's what we hope you'll find at Lifegroups!
Thought-provoking discussions during...
...intense arm-wrestling challenges after!

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