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Labor Day BBQ

We spent our Labor Day Monday with our grill and sports equipment at Magnuson Park! It was a bright and warm summer day filled with sports, food, and fun. The open turf field was occupied by cones set for ultimate frisbee, soccer, and even a bit of baseball. I cannot believe how HUGE this park is and it also has a nice walkway down towards Lake Washington! On one side of the walkway we had our field sports, and on the other side we had our basketball games (Oldies vs youngies?).

Thanks for grilling them burgers and hotdogs! I know I called it a bbq picnic even though there ain’t no BBQ, but there shall be some real bbq soon enough!

We’re all about actions shots here and so of course, we got our very own Pastor Andy going up for the jumper with some kind of contention. Don’t remember if he made the shot or not. All I know is that team highlighter isn’t doing much on defense.

And then the post sports and sun-kissed picture. Don’t mind the little boy playing basketball :)

 Instead you can get a small glimpse of that turf field on the right!

Can’t wait to have another sports & bbq picnic day at this park, hopefully before the rainy season comes around! Don’t miss out again if you weren’t able to make it this time around!! PEACE

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