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Hello Seattle

Today marks the end of our first official week here in Seattle, Washington. This week was full of our official “firsts” for our team, including celebrating our first A2F birthday, eating our first home cooked meal together, and our first time visiting the University of Washington campus! On Tuesday, we were able to make the 14 hour drive with our 14 person team and 10 car caravan, and we arrived at our house on Wednesday morning at 1:30 AM. Luckily, some of Pastor Andy’s friends came along to help us move in and encourage us as we settled into our new home.

On Wednesday, we were able to finally unload our pod with the help of Pastor Andy’s friends and peers. Throughout the week, we were able to settle into our respective homes, not only with the help of P. Andy’s peers, but also Amy and Michelle’s peers who flew in to Seattle to help us. In the midst of settling, we had some time to fellowship and share in how God has truly provided for our team during this first week.  Here are some pictures that highlight these moments:

‍‍The mighty men of Seattle
Boba. People. Food. Three words that define fellowship. 
‍Our first official home cooked meal!

In the midst of settling into our home, we visited the University of Washington campus for the first time. And we were blown away by the beauty of the campus. From Red Square, we were able to affirm the words in Psalm 8 as we looked upon Drumheller Fountain and the great Mount Rainier in the background. What was even more epic were the Blue Angels jets that flew by campus, and left an aftermath of their smoky trail above the Mount Rainier peak.

‍‍No trip is complete without a group picture.
‍‍Drumheller Fountain. Mount Rainier in the background. Aftermath of Blue Angels jets. How much more epic can it get?

Keep checking back for more updates and keep praying for us!

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