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Fourth of July at Gasworks

For 4th of July, we decided to check out the fireworks show at Lake Union. Gasworks Park was an obvious choice since it has such a great view of the lake, and knowing it would get crowded, we went at 4 PM to set up camp before the show started at 10 PM. Good thing we did, because the park was pretty packed.

However, that did mean we had 6 hours to kill before the show actually started. Thankfully, the city sets up an all-day fair, so we ended up having plenty to do!

Katie winning Amurrican carnival games
Good ol' Amurrican burgers
Amurrican card games
Amurrican magic tricks for someone wearing Amurrican socks
Amurrican hair-braiding party

Finally, once the sun went down, we were treated to an amazing fireworks show. 

Check out the Space Needle!

Some people said it was the best they had ever seen in their life, I think I'd have to agree. It was beautiful and we were so close, it felt like the fireworks were going to fall on top of our heads! Gotta say, our first 4th of July here was pretty great.

Here's a clip of the finale! (ignore random couple's heads at the bottom...)

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