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Final TFN: Year-end Celebration

Man, is summer really here already? I can't believe it, an entire year's gone by so fast! Freshmen are gonna become sophomores, and soon we're going to have to get ready to welcome a new class in...

We decided to end our year right, by looking back on all that's happened from when we first moved up here in July 2015. We came as a brand new campus group, and now we've grown to have our very own students, making a ton of memories and beginning to forge some lifelong bonds as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Here's our year-end recap video to give you an idea of all that's happened this past year!


We had a panel of our Church Plant Interns (CPIs) share about their experiences being a Christian in college, and shared wisdom about how they've grown in their relationships with God and experienced Him working in their lives!

Sadly, this was not just the final TFN of the year, but the final TFN for many of these staff onstage. Afterwards we switched gears into our farewell program! We enjoyed some awesome desserts, and a surprise video + live performance from the students!

Abe's a regular at the dessert table.
There was even a rap! Think someone forgot his lines though...
We'll miss you!

It was great to see the students put their hearts and souls into expressing their love and gratitude for the staff who spent this year dedicated to sharing the Gospel with them! Afterwards the tissue boxes made their way around the entire room.

We closed out the night by praying for the staff, that as they go home they would continue to be zealous and to share the Gospel with even more passion.

A2F won't be the same without these staff who made this first year so special, but we're excited for what's to come next year! Have a great summer, see you in the fall!

This picture is just too strange for words. Props to Michelle for nailing the gangster peace sign.
Noah's signature yoga.
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