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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is always special, as around the world Christians are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Apostle Paul captures the significance of this event in the book of 1 Corinthians, and he talks about how without the resurrection, we are still in our sins and our faith is completely futile. Thankfully, Christ indeed is risen, and so we got together to celebrate how that truth has completely transformed our lives!

Pulling out all the stops!

Wow it looks amazing! If you read closely, the black signs are words that describe our members' lives BEFORE they met Christ. The white signs in the center describe what their lives are like AFTER he came into their lives. Pastor Andy spoke on John 21, and how Jesus reinstates Peter even though he betrayed Jesus, and re-commissions him to love others.

What would you write?

We all had much that we could thank God for personally as we thought about the ways we've received grace even just this past year. But we also took stock of how God has worked in our entire group, and afterwards when we took pictures, we had all of the students who made significant decisions this past year go onstage. It was amazing to see all them together, and we rejoiced in knowing God has done such amazing work in their lives.

"Commissioned to Love!"

Hopefully next year, there will be even more students standing on stage, rejoicing with them. :) Happy Easter!!

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