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Early Fall Start

Early Fall Start(EFS) means 1000 new freshmen hit the campus early, so we've been getting a head start on the new school year!

We've been doing various things to meet new freshmen and introduce them to our group, and it all started with a Boba and Boardgames night we had at the Area 01 Great Room. It was exciting, we packed the room with about 50 people and had all sorts of different games going. Some went for the more intense strategy games like Avalon, others played hilarious classics like Jenga and Taboo.

That Friday we held our official EFS Welcome Night! We welcomed 40 students to SSW 305, a new location for us as well. We started off with dinner and answered some icebreaker questions in the meantime. The theme of the night was "Stories", and so we had Josh and Crystal share from their personal testimonies . Pastor Andy closed out the night with a short message encouraging us to seek after the treasure of the Gospel, and Stephen and AJ performed a special song as well.

It wasn't over though, afterwards, we hit the Quad to play Night-Laser-Capture-the-Frisbee-Tag! The competition was exciting but Green Team was pretty dominant the entire night, and they ended up being our Laser Tag Champions for the night!

We're looking forward to a new year with new students! 

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