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Christmas Gift Exchange

We celebrated Christmas together A2F-family-style with an exciting gift exchange! We began our night with a message from Pastor Steve on "Unwrapping Christmas," to learn the true meaning behind Jesus's birth. We sang some Christmas songs as well.

After the Bible Study, our gift exchange began. We started off by breaking up into teams, then grabbed our gifts!

Wowww so fancy...
Some people weren't so happy with their selection...

AJ and Bryan led us through a series of fun competitions. The winners in each round were awarded "powers" which they could use to exchange and even steal gifts from other people!

In this one, players had to spin 8 times and then try to draw the Christmas tree that was on the screen.
"Snowball" fight with snowballs made from wrapping paper!

In the end, everyone came away with a gift. Some were better than others - I'm pretty sure I saw an entire box of Shin ramen out there.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Looking forward to 2018 :)

Freshmen bros and their highly coveted soda drink.
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