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Big Sis Little Sis and Bro's Night

To get to know one another in the beginning of this academic year, we got to have a Big Sis Little Sis and Bro's Night event! 

For Big Sis Little Sis we started off the night with dinner (and dessert (;) in small groups, then headed over for our event in the Great Room! 

Kickstarted the event with an icebreaker to reveal our insecure "fads" of the past! (: 
One of our UW grads vulnerably shared her testimony with us. Many of us could relate to her story looking to stereotypical "college life" to fulfill us, and then realizing we looked in the wrong places.
After sharing a bit of our own stories with encouraging bible verses, we took fun Big Sis Little Sis photo booth pictures! We all got a polaroid of our pictures as a memorable token of the night! 

On the flip side, our brothers also had a night of fun fellowship! 

They started the night with a delicious Southern BBQ dinner with briskets, mashed potatoes, creamed corn. YUM!

Towards the end of the special talk, we had an interactive activity. To drive the point home, each of the brothers "hit the nail on the head" with each of their names attached using a hammer. This was to highlight how we are God's workmanship created for good works, thus we must use proper tools in our life (versus the wrong tools) to live out our lives for God's purpose.
After the talk, one of our staff led fun team-building games~ 
And to end the perfect bro's night, they played sports like basketball! 

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