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And so it begins!

And here we go! With the conclusion of Dawg Daze, the quarter has officially started. Throughout Wednesday, Red Square was filled with students bustling to and from class amidst the sea of club fair tables and people flyering for their group. So what was A2F up to? Well on Friday night, we kicked off the evening with a special TFN Bible study starting with a UW trivia game to see who had the best knowledge of the campus!

‍‍‍Do you know who UW’s original mascot was? Not many of these guys did…
‍‍AJ with the two winners of the trivia game: Brooke (left) and Colten (right). Congrats guys!

Following our introductory game, Noah hosted a panel discussion featuring 3 of the A2F staff members, interviewing them on their experience of A2F and Christian life in college.

‍Anna sharing her experience of Life Groups at A2F during her freshman year of college.‍

After the panel discussion, Noah gave a simple yet thought-provoking presentation of the basic message of Christianity, the gospel, challenging those who had heard it for the first time to really investigate it this year.

After the message, we all headed over to the HUB for some warm, home-cooked gumbo over rice and had some time to talk about the message we just heard and get to know one another a bit more.

‍‍Students enjoying the food before the final activity of the night

Of course, the night wasn’t quite over yet. After dinner, we took a short stroll over to the HUB bowling alley and the games began! Bets were made, strikes were gained, and good times were to be had across each of the lanes.

‍‍Form is lookin great as that ball goes right down the middle. Check out lane 3, that one looks like it was about to be a strike!
‍‍These guys look like they’re having a great time between bowls. Paul (right) ended up having the best game of his life that night!

Of course, what night is complete without some team pictures? Here’s a few from the night:

‍‍The normal happy picture. Nothing too wacky. Overall plain and simple, can’t go wrong.
‍‍These guys are doing all sorts of strange things. Jon looks like he’s about to bash Stephen who looks like he’s eating a green coconut.
‍Uh oh, things aren’t looking good for Jason here. I don’t think this was the kind of strike he wanted!

Twas a great night overall of fun and fellowship. If you weren’t able to join us this time, hopefully you can join us next time around! I’ll see you at the next TFN!

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