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Winter Kick-Off

Welcome back everyone to a new year and a new quarter! This past week, A2F hosted a Winter Kickoff in the Cascade room at Haggett to round out the first week of the winter quarter. It was a great time of fun and fellowship with everyone including some friends from our sister church at UC Berkeley!

Before the night even officially began, several of us, Bears and Huskies alike, came early to setup the venue and prepare everything for the night.

‍‍Cap’n, FBT speakers are a “go!”
‍‍Balloons? Check!
‍Photographers getting focused for the awesome shots they’re gonna get
‍Aaaaaaand the stage is set for A2F Winter Kickoff!

As the setup was finished and people began arriving, we officially started off the night with an awesome home-cooked dinner that the Berkeley team helped make, got the chance to catch up with one another and share stories how we spent our break, and even go to meet some new faces coming out for the first time!

Following dinner, the Berkeley team hosted a special skit: “The Race of A Lifetime.” It made us laugh, made some of us even cry, and got us to think about why we’re running this race called life.

‍‍Runners set? Go!

After the skit, P. Andy gave some commentary on the skit and how true the metaphor is to life. He also commented how the skit is similar to a story we find in the Bible: the man at the pool of Bethesda. It got us thinking about all of the things we race hard for and reflect on why we go after them.

We closed out the night with a special song with the aid of the Berkeley team.

And as our Winter Kickoff ends, the new quarter begins. Hope to see you next Friday at TFN!

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