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A2F goes to the beach!

With the winter season quickly approaching, we’ve been trying to make the most of the rain-free days that we have left. Saturday was forecasted to be clear (still cloudy, but hey, we’ll take what we can get) and so we packed up and took off for Golden Gardens beach. For some reason, a lot of people were surprised to find that the beach had…sand! WOW. A beach with SAND. AND water. Seattle-ites live surrounded by water but obviously beaches aren’t a big thing here.

Anyways, we got there, and lucky for us, it turned out to be a beautiful day! If you look really really close you can see that the sky isn’t TOTALLY covered in clouds. There’s a tiny patch of clear sky.


People trickled in, and we got some sports going! There was just about anything you could want to play – frisbee, volleyball, spikeball, football, you name it.

‍‍Alex is a trained professional. Do not attempt this at home.

We took a break to enjoy some delicious “Hobo-packs” for lunch! The perfect mix of veggies and sausages cooked over the fire. Yum!

Some of the bros quickly ate and got right back out there to play some football! YEAH! RAR! MEN! The beach is one of the few places you can play full-on tackle football and not worry about getting hurt (mostly). It was probably one of the more epic football games to ever grace the sands of Golden Gardens beach. I doubt that a 10-on-10 game of college students is a common occurrence, and at one point we actually had a couple spectators.

‍‍Doesn’t get much more epic than this. Seahawks? psh.
‍‍Fun Fact: Pastor Andy also learned how to draw up football plays while growing up on Pastor Island.
‍The average weight of the left team’s line was probably about 20 pounds heavier than the right team’s. Josh’s EAGER face says it all – “bring it on Kevin Hou!”

Meanwhile the rest of us…stayed back and kept right on eating! I mean, what’s a campfire without some marshmallows and S’mores??

‍‍This photo deserves a caption contest. Jordan: Someone ate our marshmallows!!! Anna: I hate it when people take my dessert!! Let’s go get ’em!

And a beach trip just wouldn’t be complete without sand castles! Some of the sisters worked together to build this awesome castle.

‍‍Girls are so advanced. Me and my friends used to just dig holes.

Amazingly, right as we were wrapping up, it started to rain! Thankfully the good weather held out for us. :)

Of course, we ended this super fun trip with a classic cheering group photo.

‍‍There’s too many great things to comment on in this photo…but Lessane and Ian obviously found a different camera behind us.

Peace out. Go Dawgs. And join us next time! (…..which will probably be next year because of the rain….sigh…)

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