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SUPS Fall Retreat

By Jane Park c/o 2019

In this past Fall quarter of 2016, we had our very first SUPS retreat! It was a nice time to take a break towards the middle of the quarter to reflect on what it means to be an example for the new freshmen coming in. We learned what it means to balance our relationships with God, our mentors, our peers, and our future disciples and how to maintain this balance as the year progresses.

A Nice and Cozy Group

And during our free time, we got to explore around the BEAUTIFUL area. We even got to try archery!

Amanda reppin' all the Koreans
Lookin' spicy
Cute ~
Cute ~ ft. bros

Fun aside, we also had a good time praising God together, building deeper relationships with each other and praying for each other, all with the mentality that we are one body in Christ.

Give Thanks to God

Before we left on the last day, we all split up to privately reflect on what we learned and what commitments we wanted to make for the upcoming school year.

Looks like two people didn't get the memo...

That's all! And make sure to join us next year!

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